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FP Folder Inserters


Folding/inserting equipment can automate a very time consuming part of your mailroom process by providing an efficient, cost-effective, and more professional way to prepare your mail package materials. 

Each model includes a manual feeder for handling daily mail. It enables the operator to feed sheets of paper by hand and add an automatically-fed enclosure if desired. 


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Feed and fold materials, insert them, and seal the envelopes: The FPi-4500 series for mid-range mail volumes is the new professional inserting solution that automatically finishes your documents as letters in #10 or 6“ x 9“ envelopes and stacks them neatly.


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The FPi-5600 inserting system can feed documents, fold them and insert them in an envelope and then seal it. User-friendly operation with a color touch-screen. Just three buttons control basic functions. Documents can be fed from up to six stations, available in various configurations.

Delivers finished envelopes to a collecting bin that can be mounted to the left or the right of the machine, or to a downstream machine for further processing. A vertical stacker and a synchronized collecting conveyor are also available as optional equipment.

FPi 6600-2

The FPi 6600-2 inserting system offers the highest performance and a range of additional features and components optimally configured for processing larger quantities and more complex applications. The FPi 6600-2 can be set up according to the users individual needs to perform almost any mail processing task.


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