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FP PostBase Pro

PostBase Pro is more than the next generation of PostBase - it's an uncompromising vision of professional mailing for the modern mailroom. It makes even complex mailing processes as natural as touching, loading, and sitting back. Whether your mailing needs grow or shrink, the pro processes variable volumes of mail allowing it to adapt to your ever-changing needs. The PostBase Pro is easier, more automated, and has the most secure engineering than anything that's come before. With the PostBase Pro you can run 140 letter per minute, have differntial weighing, and by using the stack and go feeder it will make it much faster to process your mail. 

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Supercharge your PostBase with MailOne

Enjoy huge savings on postage costs with MailOne Commercial Base Pricing. MailOne 2.0 is the ultimate tool to monitor, manage, track and reduce your postal expenditures.


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