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USPS Rate Change-January 22, 2017

Full Postal Rate Change for January 22, 2017

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Direct Mail Costs – The Biggest Expense Is Lack Of Testing

You can decrease your direct mail costs by applying a little common sense and simply by testing which produces the best response. Let’s take a look at everything that makes up the direct mail piece… the envelope, a personalized sales letter, the brochure, an order form, the reply envelope and lastly the data.

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Your Direct Response Strategy: With So Many Strategies, How Do You Choose The Best

The success of your direct response strategy really depends on who you are mailing to, what your promise to them is, and when your mail is going out and what it is you mail. Here are a few things you need to be asking yourself to decide which direct response strategy is the one that you are going to want to go with for your next mailing campaign.

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Direct Mail Ideas That Will Get Your Sales Letter Read Giving You A Higher Response

Perhaps the most important of all direct mail ideas is repetition. You won’t succeed with direct mail or implementing these direct mail ideas if you only send out one mailing. Each prospect needs to be approached several times before making that final purchase. By mailing to them more than once, you are reminding them of what you have to offer and your strong offer still stands.

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