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 FP Software Solutions

Interested in a simple way to save money and increase productivity?
FP™ mailroom software expands the efficiency and capabilities of your mailing processes,
including postal accounting, reporting, rate shopping, and mail machine interfacing & control.



Discover the FP range of Software



RemoteOne Software enables its users to remotely control all functions of their postage meter through their PC. Included free with all PostBase Mini, PostBase 20, PostBase 30, and PostBase 45 units. 

  • Manage user acces and departmental accounts
  • Add personalized shortcuts in saved postage/account settings
  • Prepare differential weighing



ReportOne, an upgrade to the standard RemoteOne software adds detailed transaction reporting & exporting. Included free with all PostBase 65, PostBase85 and PostBase Pro units. 

  • Create account and postal cost summary reports
  • Add personalized shortcuts in saved postage/account settings
  • Log and report every postage transaction 



MailOne 2.0 software is the ultimate tool to monitor, manage, track and reduce your postal expenditures. 

  • Adding MailOne 2.0 to your PostBase system allows you to enjoy huge savings on postage costs with Commercial Base Pricing
  • Your mail is processed, tracked and saved so all the details are ready for on-the-spot reporting
  • Easily view all rates available for your mail piece
  • Import your address database securely into MailOne
  • Versatile transaction lookup/search feature



MailCredit technology allows postage downloads via a connected Windows computer using today’s high-speed digital connections, while retaining the flexibility and choice of using traditional analog phone lines (teleset™) as well.



FlexMail software makes it easy to connect to, clean and organize address data from any source and print graphically rich personalized envelopes on any printer.

  • Link external databases and manipulate data from any industry standard data format
  • Create designs with any envelope or label size, add fixed or variable text, barcodes, and any common graphic format as background and foreground elements
  • Cost saving capabilities using presort features saves 10-20% off postage



FlexStream is an Output Management Solution that enhances business operations by automating the processing and distribution of business-critical documents.



Tracking packages has never been easier. Never lose a package again. QTrak allows you to monitor package status from the moment they enter your facility until they reach their intended recipient.